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Who are we?

Minh Nam electrical construction and Investment Corporation works in the construction field of civil and industrial electric. “Work with quality” is the slogan when we brand our name in the market. 

Vision - Mission

We will become one of the most prestigous and qualitative constructors in the market. We will focus on Center of the development of electrical construction.

Branding and Development Plan

With all its efforts, MNE is branding based on service satisfaction from customers, at the same time, we improve technology and training courses to get good human resources.

Company Capacity

Management capacity

  • We manage the  projects in an advanced and excellent model. We are strictly following the construction progress, ensuring the quality of construction and safety for workers while saving costs for customers and investors.
  • Management capacity, experience of leadership and key staff are always improved though training courses as well as practical experience by joining with a lot of construction projects which require quality, high technology.
  • We always have a good after-sales service, caring and consulting services for clients, which will bring the high effectiveness and meet the demands from the customers.

Human Resources development

  • We ensure to run the skillful staff with high technical capacity for under-go projects.
  • Policies and favorable treatment to speed up the dedication of staff in the development of the company.
  • We always provide a full range of modern equipment, contruction equipment, labor protection.

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